Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Comics Delay

Woe is me! I'm not in San Diego nor will I be attending comicon.

Actually, there's not alot of woe going around here. I don't really miss the sardine packed insanity that Comicon has turned into, de-emphasising the "Comic" prefix with every new year. But I will miss artists alley with all those great new sketchbooks and art books, as well as seeing a bunch of old friends. Oh well.

Anywhoo, I picked up some extra books this week to try and make up for it, but apparently there were a couple items too many...

Liberty Comics
Green Lantern Corps
Flight Vol 5 (!)

So did I buy Liberty comics to support CBLDF or for two pages of Art Adams? Er...

Quite a treat to see a new volume of Flight come along. Indeed it looks packed to the brim with comicy goodness. It will be a great read sans-Diego.

I am a fan of Cameron Stewart, so Apocalipstix was an easy purchase. It's got a great style to it in a nice little package, which Oni Press excels at. Other than the title, I know nothing of the book's story and with such cool art my curiosity is piqued.

So the two big ticket items this week were the monstrously gorgeous Comic Book Tattoo and the slick but hefty Popbot collection. Clocking in at 50 bucks, I had to pass on both as to not break the bank in a single visit. I may be able to do without Popbot, it's an awesome book but was never a regular read for me. However the collection is so damned nice it's one of those things you just want in your library, if only to rekindle one's fascination with the brushtastically prolific Ashley Wood. On the other hand, Comic Book Tattoo is a definite buy at a future date. I just hope I can spring for it before the next Hellboy Library Edition comes out!

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