Friday, July 11, 2008

New Comics Delay

Even the Secret Invasion was put off by last holiday weekend.

Secret Invasion
Wonder Woman
Young Liars
The New York Four

Real nice pick of books for me this week, even knowing Secret Invasion is a total crap shoot. We're halfway through now so the shit better start hitting the fan.

Wonder Woman, again Lopresti is On Like Tron. Young Liars, Lapham is keeping the flow that keeps me after the floppies, it works really well as a serial though no doubt will make a nice collection one day. I recall reading-- I totally forget where so this may be my imagination-- that Lapham wanted to keep off the first trade for as long as possible to keep the momentum going. Young Liars is delivering on that.

I picked up The New York Four because Brian Wood always spins a good yarn, and the Minx imprint need not a classification be. And the art is sooo great! Black and white! Halftone screens even! Ryan Kelly is totally my bag!

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