Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two Comics Day

Just a couple Marvels.

Secret Invasion
Young X-Men

Ah Yes, Secret Invasion. The pic you see here is by the able pen of Leinil Francis Yu, it is a 1 in 50 variant cover. It was available for $50. Wow, we still do this? The thing is, it's a great cover, I find it more striking than the regular edition for obvious reasons, even if it's just a nice painting slightly related to the story. I would have liked the opportunity to purchase it for cover price. Alas... it is still beat out by the much more expensive Steve McNiven variant. Variant covers for Secret Invasion seem to be all the rage. It would be alot easier to get on board with (and cooler) if the covers were in fact unannounced, and you know, secret.

For the story itself: people yell at each other, the super skrulls attack, and someone we all know and love is a skrull. Maybe. Tho it sure is pretty. Plus... Nick Fury and the howling commandos?

I've already been talking about how much I like Paquette's art, but X-Story is already wearing thin. It is difficult to start caring for the new guys, and Cyclops by himself is a bit out of place. And there seems to be a ton of history I'm not privy to (big surprise). But you know it's been hard for me to follow any X book for a very long time, the X-Way is just something you grow out of I think.

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