Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Comics Day

Has it been a week already? What have I been doing with myself?

Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman
Young Liars
Star Wars Rebellion

This is a great week for art. I'll start with Wonder Woman, whose story has been melding our heroine into Beowulf mythology. But Aaron Lopresti is just kicking ass here. Each and every panel is of a level of detail rarely seen, and at the same time is clear and readable. Wonder Woman has not looked this good in a long, long time. I don't know how tight Lopresti's pencils have been on these pages, but Matt Ryan's inks are a wonderful match that really sells it, and colors by Brad Anderson are highly complementary to the scenes and story. The color transitions between scenes are well done, especially the more exciting hero-centric ones (as opposed to the distracting Nemesis sub-plot, but still gorillas=cool). I'm loving that ll parties involved are paying attention.

Patrick Gleason has worked his way back to full time on Green Lantern Corps, which is also awesome. Gleason just rocks, now paired sweetly with Drew Geraci on inks. Guy Majors colors, no surprise things are looking good in that department, too. Gleason, again... he's got to be one of my favorite new artists that's hit the scene recently. His faces and expressions are impossible to ignore and he's quickly owning the definitive look of Guy Gardner.

I've been enjoying Young Liars, due in no little part to David Lapham. It's a quirky, fast-paced story and the heavy brushwork on so many faces and bodies is wonderful to page through. Over on Star Wars Rebellion, I've been following the work of Colin Wilson, who handles both the character and tech of the Star Wars world equally well. I'm particularly drawn to his wardrobe choices, and this ish has a B-Wing dogfight that's pretty amazing.

Side Note: I did peruse through Skar: Son of Hulk, and yes it is a very good looking book. Ron Garney has really sunk into a loose and flowing style that makes it look effortless, when it certainly must not be. Tho the book itself is a likely collected purchase for me.

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