Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Invasion Day

A not-so-secret letdown.

Secret Invasion
New Avengers: Illuminati TPB
Young X-Men
The War That Time Forgot

Secret Invasion: What is this? What a mess! Did anyone understand what was going on? I found it to be a group of random panels with some "dialog" that did absolutely nothing to further the story or plot. Other than a small allusion to Sentry's role in the Invasion matter-- one such that actually undermines the base premise, should it be true will be a huge letdown-- the issue is a mish-mosh out-of-era heroes vs modern day counterparts with a few skrulls and accusations but no explanations whatsoever. "But all will be revealed..." Screw that, tell a good story first. Seriously, this is supposed to be Marvel's tentpole event of the year and I feel totally duped. With Leinil Yu's caliber of art on such a high profile book, doesn't he deserve to draw the best of the best? What is drawn is pretty fantastic, but to what end really, to what are clearly golden after-market pages to sell? Shame on Marvel editorial and shame on Bendis. Last week's New Avengers was leagues better, it was a rich (and gorgeous) story that I find hard to believe was from the same writer. If Secret Invasion #2 is a sign of things to come, what a ripoff.

UPDATE: Bendis does his best to convince me otherwise at CBR. We'll see.

Over on Young X-Men, Paquette begins to show what makes his art so luscious. When he hits his stride on the book watch out! I like the story so far, too, if a bit slow paced, which is rather X-Menish as standard.

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