Friday, May 30, 2008

New Comics Delay

Pretty nice haul this week!

Final Crisis
All Star Superman (!)
Green Lantern
King Size Hulk
Savage Sword of Conan

Mmmm... Crisis-y. I've read about halfway, and its interesting stuff. Certainly a setup for larger things. But how large???? Morrison is quite the proliferator at DC these days. He had three new books on the shelf this week. There is of course the awe and wonder that is All Star Superman. Not to mention part two of Batman RIP. That I chose to read in the store, after buying part one and feeling... less than satisfied. Part two, on the other hand, offered some very peculiar notions, it's certainly not a direction I would have thought the story would have headed towards. It's a shame because part two was far more intriguing than part one but I haven't the gumption to go ahead and purchase it after a bit of a burn from the first.

So did I really pay 5 bucks for King Size Hulk when it's 85% reprint material? Well when that remaining 15% is Art Adams, Frank Cho, and Herb Trimpe, you bet I did. And you know what? All three of their stories are awesome (looking). I do have to say that Art Adams is particularly so, but only because he so rarely does comics pages these days it just seemed like a real treat.

Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 3 continues with the sweet B+W reprints from a bevy of comics legends.

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