Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Comics Day

One measly comic but a couple nice collections.

Fantastic Four
Golden Age Sheena TPB
Green Lantern Showcase 3

Erg... I'm conflicted in even picking up Fantastic Four. Not because it isn't good, it's that of course a run like this will be collected. At this stage I would have no problem whatsoever if a book like Fantastic Four only came out two or three times a year. Honestly I don't see why Marvel doesn't do that already with fringe books like, say, Daredevil. They can concentrate on a great story with a kick ass creative team and not worry about mucking up all the latest "main event" hoo ha. Food for Thought.

The Golden Age Sheena TPB collection is nice in that it does not purport to be anything but that. The reprinted material, in what I can only assume are scanned pages from the original books-- ads intact-- reproduce well with the old timey feel. I think it fares better as a TPB rather than a hardcover, myself, being flippable and looking good on semi--gloss stock. Kudos to Devil's Due for keeping true to the material.

The latest Green Lantern volume of Showcase assuages some of the yearning for that power battery. You just gotta love Gil Kane in black and white.

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