Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman
Young Liars

Batman RIP... what am I getting into??? I have a passing interest to see what Morrison will actually do, and in this instance the serial is suited. You can bet a good dollar this will be collected. I find myself waiting more an more for the collections, but with the hopes that DC really wants to trip us out I can afford to stick with the main books for RIP, hopefully passing on ancillary titles of little consequence. This from a guy who once had every chapter of Knightfall, Contagion, Cataclysm, No Man's Land, and Aftershock. Ugh. Something tells me no one in RIP will actually be resting in peace.

Aaron Lopresti on Wonder Woman art is indeed pretty. It's full comics style, not something more open or stylized like I hoped DC would have had the balls to go with (and that Lopresti is fully capable of). In any case I gather it may take a few issues for Lopresti to find a groove, but I don't mind the interim at all.

Dude, Greeen lantern Corps is where it's at. I have always liked Mongul, mainly because he's usually reserved for spot stints that lead to more and more blocks to his power-mad designs. In this way he's not trouped out at any need for mega-badness like Apokolips or Magneto or Venom other over-used baddies. That's part of what made Sinestro's return such a success, and it looks like Mongul is starting to get his du. And it is also cool that his position seems taken directly from his last appearances, giving weight to his timeline and history with the Black Mercy. Green Lantern Corps is steeped in DC history, but in the good way.

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