Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Comics Day

There were no books for me last week, but a few this week.

DC Universe 0
Teen Titans
Green Lantern
Star Wars Rebellion
New Avengers
Speed Racer: The Origins
Modern Masters: Mike Allred

Woo hoo, whoop-dee-doo, the DC Universe "advercomic" has a pretty strong allusion to a certain speedster returning in whatever Final Crisis ends up as.* Final Crisis might be a decent read if Morrison goes all cosmic on us, but just from events planned in other books, I expect there to be nothing "Final" about it. So, look, my guard is down. Can DC hit with something that will make me stand to attention?

I had to pick up New Avengers because sometimes art by Jim Cheung is impossible to pass up. His work on the Illuminati was nice, but he's really back at top form on this New Avengers Secret Invasion tie in.

Speed Racer: The Origins Collection reprints the most excellent WildStorm minis by Tommy Yune and Jo Chen, in a nifty new package by IDW. They must have gotten the Speed Racer license part and parcel, to get a reprint of something fairly recent... has it been 9 Years??? I note because I was the original editor on those books back in the day. It was a nice surprise to see a credit in the reprint from another publisher :-) Tho I think an uncredited Jeff Mariotte was the editor on a Racer X issue, 'cause I left WS before the last issue saw print. Anywho, I've mentioned it before, aside from my personal involvement this is a sweet book with a great story and awesome art, it's the best Speed Racer comics I've read.

* (or you can check out what is indeed comics' "Biggest Spoiler Ever." Warning: That link is a spoiler. Remember, I warned you.)

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