Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Comics Day

Secret Invasion
Young X-Men
Archibald Saves Easter

Secret Invasion. Really? Am I doing this? I guess I'm feeling a bit comicslutty, cause I can't resist checking in to see if something bat-shit crazy is gonna go down. There's a Skrull reveal by the end of this first issue-- I won't spoil but I will say it's a doctor. When you think about it, there's few more doctors in the Marvel U than you'd think, eh?

I love the art of Yanick Paquette, I am glad to see him back at work even if it's on an X-Men book. Dodson/Peterson covers are nice, sure, but really Paquette can hold his own. Hopefully he'll be getting his own covers soon. Anyone unfamiliar with his work would do well to pick up the trades for ABC's Terra Obscura, because that shit is primo.

No DC books for me this week, the shelves are awash in a dirth of books and events I just don't care about. Enough Countdown and its endless spinoffs! It's like the comics version of Babel-- "Is it over yet?" Final Crisis better come 'round soon, and it better be good.

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