Monday, March 03, 2008

Who do you Skrull?

There's a lot of broo-ha about the latest Skrull rumblings in the Marvel U. Um, really? Yeah, I guess there is. It's all predicated on the soon to be "big reveals" of possible Skrully-types, whom may or may not actually be Skrulls. I'm not a big Marvel reader so it's not registering too large on my radar, but I have to admit it's a clever gimmick, especially if any one of the major characters they are teasing turns out to actually be a Skrull. What's also funny is that it's not some big secret ending, Marvel is flat out telling readers multiple characters are Skrulls right now. Well, Maybe.

And maybe, just maybe, Marvel isn't going to go far enough. Meaning they totally will not and I'm putting money on the usual crapout. Granted if Wolverine turns out to be a Skrull, yeah, that's as about as far as I think they would actually take it. But they could go so much farther than that. Were the heavy reigns of this latest Marvel event event placed in my iron grip, I'd take this thing all the way to the freakin' moon. Say, for instance, that not just a few select heroes or villains turned out to be Skrulls, but everyone. Not just all the Avengers or all the X-Men. Everyone. The whole planet. Yes, I propose that the entire population of the planet is in fact ALL Skrulls running a giant simulation of Earth in overly elaborate preparation for a forthcoming invasion of the real thing. One that's been going about its merry way while we've been watching Skrulls for who knows how long.

In this situation the Marvel U could be rebooted to just about any point in time. And that, dear readers, would be awesome. You think that would piss off long time readers? Why? It's all just stories. It wouldn't piss people off any more so than that classic season of Dallas. Or any number of Star Trek time-travel episodes. Something like this would do no more harm than DC's only real reboot, the original Crisis. Technically all the pre-Crisis stories are negated, but we still have them and love our favorites. Hell, DC reprints them by the truckload. Marvel reached the point of Crisis a long time ago, they really could use a start-over. I think there is a good projection of success there with what the Ultimate Universe became. Simply put, Marvel has waaaay too many books and waaaay too many of them exist in their own universe at any given time. I mean, how many versions of Nick Fury are there?

With the upcoming Final Crisis in DC's corner, who knows what's going to come of it. Marvel is in the position of beating that event to the punch, which I'm sure was no coincidence, so keep your fingers crossed. Skrulls? Bring 'em out en masse.

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