Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Comics Day

Only two books for me this week, but it's quality, not quantity!

All Star Superman
Green Lantern

Today at the comics shop I was actually talking with one of the trusty stewards about comics. When discussing All Star Superman, I believe I described the series as "Probably he best book of the decade." This I believe to be true, and have expounded as such in these posts before. Morrison is brewing some potent soup. With each issue I am continually amazed at how a character with 70 years of history is presented with such a fresh and exciting color. What I haven't decided is if it is in fact because of the history that Morrison is able to do this, the voodoo that he do. But taking a step back, hypothetically erasing all of Superman's past and looking at it in All Star as something completely new, that's where it becomes something special. Whether or not this is achieved by Morrison post hoc isn't really worth arguing, I'd rather just enjoy the comics.

The match with Quitely on art isn't something I can keep talking about, I'll just be repeating what I've said before. But in the context of the above Quitely's art plays an enormous role in that it would not be considered Superman "flavour." So again without the history: the soft but hulking figures, svelte and wirey supporting cast, and minutely rendered oddities of fiction become something unique unto themselves. Something that is a Superman we know in our subconscious, and yet one we've never seen before. My goodness, read this book.

Green Lantern also came up in conversation, mostly good. I'm enjoying it more than I have been in years, though the last few issues have been a bit odd. I may have to post separately.

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