Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's been muy activo about town, as SXSW has taken over Austin. "South by Southwest" is a city-wide event that is centered on film and music, as well as various panels on related things. I didn't take in any of the film gatherings, but there have been all kinds of bands in town. Bands play all over the place, and their viewing in official SXSW capacity is arranged by a studious wrist-banding system. I didn't spring for one of those, but maybe next year considering the number of acts it would have been cool to see. Granted a I missed a few shows just based on scheduling anyways, it's kind of like Comicon-- you'd just have to take a few days off if you want the whole shebang.

Official shows are only part of it, like I said there's tons of bands in town just on their own to join the party. Last week I caught They Might Be Giants, which is always a great show. Downtown Austin is hoppin, it was fun just to hit 6th street and walk around catching random acts at random bars. And they really cover it here, too, there's a public access channel devoted solely to SXSW. Plus the radio coverage was surprisingly full (to me, a still new Austiner), this past week was chock full of new music and chat with visiting acts. Pretty cool.

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