Sunday, March 02, 2008


Saturday I stopped by Staple, a small press expo here in Austin. It was a fairly small show, nothing like APE as far as the indie expos go, but not that bad. There were some pretty cool guests of honor, I got a chance to chat with Eric Powell and pick up his latest sketchbook. Also headlining was Brian Wood, who I was happy to have sign my copies of Demo and Supermarket. But the super treat was the bonus meeting with Kristian Donaldson, kick ass artist of aforementioned Supermarket. It was awesome to have my book signed by both creators, now I just have to track down Becky Cloonan!

Other than the signings I picked up a couple sketchbooks from local artists and a t-shirt with Powell's "Staplegator." Being as small show as it was I passed thru within an hour. Honestly it took me longer to find the tiny expo hall, but it was a cool afternoon diversion.

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