Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arthur C. Clarke

It sure is fun around here lately, what with so many people who's work I admire up and dying. Trust me, I use levity to ease the pain.

Clarke... man. Sci-fi connoisseur that I am, Clarke's books hold prominent places in my library. Two of my favorite books of the genre are 2001 and Childhood's End. 2001 is and always will be a classic, I went back to it just last year and it still holds up. The movie does what it does but I always found the book much more riveting with a payoff you can really sink your teeth into. Childhood's End is just a fantastic, epic story. Spanning as much time as it does, it's amazing how as a reader you are locked in from beginning to end. There are so many concepts at play you'd think you'd get lost or lose interest as characters come and go, but it's exactly the opposite. And I think its a testament to the story to how many times Hollywood has tried to adapt it and failed-- instead all of the cool stuff was ripped off and put little by little into other movies. It's doubtful a proper adaptation could ever be made and considered fresh, so much of it has been poached by others. But the book remains a wonderful reading experience.

A multitude of science fiction absolutes were first put forth by Clarke, some have even borne fruit and are now science fact. Clarke will no doubt be remembered as one of our greatest authors. But you know, the man wrote alot of books, influenced alot of minds, and lived to a very old age. It's not a bad way to leave.

Writer Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90

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