Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Comics Day

Yikes! What a PHAT week!

Fantastic 4
Fantastic Four: Lost Adventure
Fantastic Comics
Green Arrow/Black Canary
Tiny Titans
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern Corps
Modern Masters: Mark Schultz

Dunno what to make of Millar and Hitch on FF just yet. Tho I do admire they just went to the FF book proper instead of some needless prestige spinoff book. Not that Lost Adventure doesn't deserve it, I mean it's "new" Kirby and all.

BE NOT FOOLED by the cover of Green Arrow/Black Canary, it says "Conner" but my hopes of an Amanda Conner-drawn issue were dashed. Even the credits list her as a cover artist but there was no alternate cover that I saw. The existing art is not bad, tho.

Fantastic Comics, a Erik Larsen free-for-all through Image is exactly as it is called. Fantastic. The book's production has nailed the look of color-sepped comics from days past, doing so with flair and fun. Check it out!

Modern Masters knocks it out of the park once again by profiling Mark Schultz. I cannot tell you how much I have studied this guy. Xenozoic Tales was an awesome book, and when he started mixing the tone over his pencils I would look over those issues like a hundred times. He is an absolute master of the black and white comics panel. The story was awesome, too, great fantasy sci-fi. All of his work is downright amazing, it gives me the tinglies!

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