Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Comics Day

Just a couple books.

Teen Titans Year One
Star Wars Rebellion

Holy bejeezus is Teen Titans Year One a great looking book. It would be great if DC would adopt this look forthe TTs, because in this book they actually look like teens! But I guess they are relaunching "Titans" with the original cast but all grown up of course, under the watchful eye of Dan Didio. BUt This year One book, it has so much life. And the Aqualad scenes are awesome!. Aw, hell with the Teen Titans, relaunch Aquaman and make it look like this!

Speaking of good looking, I don't often stray into Star Wars comics, but now and again they get some interesting art in there. This ish of Rebellion (which has had a string of really great covers), showcases work by Colin Wilson. It is also colored adeptly by Wil Glass.

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