Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Goodies from Japan

I've got the hookup in Japan. Even though I hound my buddy for constant, demanding requests that are hard-pressed to fill, occasionally I get a little love form the land of Nihon. Imagine my excitement when this box arrived!

The contents were varied and every one was a treat and a half:

A. Super black ink! Squozen from rare and ferocious cephalopods that roam the ocean deeps, this ultra opaque fluid draws like silk, never clogs nibs, and never fades. Or so I am told. Time to bust out the cro-quills and get my ink on.

B. Green leather pass wallet. Thin, compact, stylish.

C. Negative notebook. The paper is black, see?

D. FF minifig. The deal with these thingies is you don't know which figure is inside. I hoped for a cutey Penello or Yuna but got a groovy Vaan instead.

E. Pokémon DS biggie fig. :::fingers crossed::: Score! INFERNAPE! Coolest. Pokémon. Ever.

F. Random paperworks and brochures.


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