Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Conan Day

By Crom!

Green Lantern Corps
Black Canary/Green Arrow
Savage Sword of Conan

Green Lantern Corps is tasty... especially after seeing that teaser of Mongul wearing more than one ring... Infinity Gauntlet anyone? Actually I think that's a splendid idea for a GL story and I hope it plays out as cool as it sounds.

BONUS: Beaucoup Kevin's take on the matter is funny.

HOWEVER, books this week have been eclipsed by the Dark Horse release of the Savage Sword of Conan reprints. In glorious, original black and white! Similar to the DC Showcase and Essential Marvel bibles, this big hunk of Conan collected from the old Marvel magazine is something I've longed for for some time. I wanted it mainly for the fantasticariffic John Buscema art, here joined by some tremendously embellishing inkers that raise his art to a new level. I personally feel this collects most of his best work, as great as his runs on standard Marvel fare were. The book prints a little light in places, I don't know if this is my copy or just a result of not having decent films to reproduce from, but it's still days worth of entertainment I can't wait to dive into.

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