Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Comics Delay

Slim pickin's...

Wonder Woman
Fantastic Four: The End TPB

While Wonder Woman continues its Giant Talking Apes Fighting Nazis shenanigans, the only other spotlight pick for me this week was the collected FF: The End. One of the many "The End" series of books from Marvel, this is of note not only for featuring Marvel's First Family but for having doing so with Alan Davis. His art remains spectacular as always, finely inked here by one of his best parings in Mark Farmer. But Davis is a great storyteller, too, much of his writing work has strong sci-fi influences and this collection is no exception. The FF are engaged far out into space with many a strange creature, and even the Inhumans show up. The hook of "The End" books are that they would supposedly be the last story told for the book's heroes, but in an age of comics rampant with multiverses, elseworlds, and licensing offshoots, the premise is little more than a novelty. It does reach a little bit farther in the hands of someone as accomplished as Davis, even though we know in the back of our heads that there could never be a "last" Fantastic Four story. Heck, Stan Lee himself did another one just this past year. But if only for the art, if you missed the original miniseries issues this is a great trade to pick up.

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