Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Comics Delay

What with the wonky holiday shipping schedules I finally caught up on a couple weeks worth of books.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files
Teen Titans Year 1
FF: Isla de los Muerte

The Secret Files + Origins edition of Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps is an invaluable resource for any Green Lantern fan. It lists all active Green Lanterns with small bios, and a handful of the known Sinestro Corps recruits. It's got a couple extra stories expanding on Lantern lore and a peek at some things ahead. The shame of the issue is an awkward layout throughout. Perhaps it was rushed into production, though there's no reason for it since GL seems to be riding a pretty high wave right now (or maybe that is why). I just wish they would have spent some more time to actually, you know, design something. This stems from a convoluted series of events in current times related to generational roles in the work force, not something I'm going to get into right now. But you know, outside of actual art content, comics were framed rather well aesthetically for a damn long time. Then came Image, digital pre-press, and a shitload of punks who suddenly found themselves making alot of money but without an actual career in print production. Then all of the veterans retired or moved on and even Marvel and DC found themselves with crap logos and amateur editorial pages. But I've wandered into this tangent too far... perhaps another time. Green Lantern is still cool, tho.

Marvel printed two editions of the FF special Isla de los Muerte, one emblazoned with the logo Los 4 Fantasticos that I could not resist. Yes, the contents are in Spanish which even with limited knowledge I was able to get the gist of. It's not hard to discern with a smile that Hombre Topo is Spanish for "Mole Man." The art by Juan Doe is very stylish and eye-catching, the initial reason I picked up the book. I just think the Spanish version is quirky and sets it apart from just another one-shot.

Also of note is Teen Titans Year One, again for some standout art by Karl Kerschl and friends. Those Aqualad pages are awesome and I can't wait until he gets the spotlight in the next issue. But the visual take on all the characters is great- they actually look like teens! Not just superhero-anatomy on smaller bodies. The story is not bad, albeit confusing for an older reader like myself. I mean, I totally want to buy that young Titans chat on IM and that Kid Flash enjoys his Ninty DS and kids roll around town in Mark Ecko shirts. But if you've been reading comics for more than ten years (or perhaps in this instance five) for the Teen Titans that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's part of that whole boggling continuity-with-the-times happening-but-not-happening with or without a reboot and Peter Parker is single again storytelling quagmire that we love so much about our legacy comics. Basically there is no status quo anymore, and that may bee a good thing. Just tell a good story with some hot art.

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