Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Comics Day

Just a few books.

Infinite Halloween
Action Comics

Our Halloween Tale begins as I pick up a copy of Action Comics deftly drawn by Gary Frank. A grittier Frank than we've seen, enhanced by the inky quil of Jonathan Sibal... The Legion of Super Heroes appear in what is certainly a continuity bending yarn destined to change everything as we know it Everything looks to be peachy... But then, lurking behind the pageturn, typeset into the issue credits... written by... GEOFF JONES! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Supergirl is a straggler from who knows when, but I just had to have more of Guedes art.

The Infinite Halloween Special is actually a sweet deal. For art alone we get Trevor Harsine, Dustin Nguyen (on Zatanna, no less!), Peter Snejberg, Ryan Sook, and Tony Daniel. But wait, there's more! Surprise appearances (at least for me) of Kelly Jones and Jon Bogdanove!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sega's Iron Man

I've long believed Iron Man was one of the greatest videogames never released. I'm astounded no one ever took advantage of a property as naturally adaptable to the videogame platform as Iron Man. Dude-- Iron Man/X-O Man of War does not count.

Well it took a movie to make it happen, but that Iron Man game is finally coming and it looks pretty sweet. And yeah, I am totally psyched for the movie, too.

How will it play? Dunno. Games tied to a movie have a long history of sucktitude (the Spider-Man games are nice, but really, they're not great games). The story is just one area hampered tight off the bat, as well as art direction and lowest-common-denominator syndrome. Still there is hope... And I gotta say it's looking nice. It actually looks "next gen" compared to a lot of recent offerings. Altho I say that with a grain of salt, as someone with a shameful history of being paid good money to touch up screenshots of AAA games so they look "more next-genny."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Green Comics Day

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

"Green Lantern is really hot right now." Whatever, dude. That's what the comics store proprietor told me when I asked if I could get a copy of Green Lantern #24, which I some how missed a couple weeks ago because it sold out before I got to the store. That never happened to me at my old store (House of Secrets), and not just because they'd have a decent stock, if they sold out of something I needed they would always "procure" one mysteriously for me. It pays to be a good customer... sadly I don't know if I buy enough any more to start a new store relationship.

So I had to go on the hunt, which I wouldn't even bother with if it was anything but GL-- let alone in the middle of a gripping storyline. After visiting and discovering that two separate stores had gone under and closed shop, I was left to ponder. There was the other major comics store downtown, tho they would be likely to have sold out as well, especially after a few weeks. But then...

Ah ha! A newsstand. Yup. A honking huge Newsstand/Porno Shop had a rack of Marvels and DC's, amidst rows and rows of InStyle and Maxim. And hardcore bondage DVDs. Sure enough it held copies of the latest GL and all of this month's mainstream faire. I share this secret stash option with you should we be on the receiving end of another Captain America #25 situation. Bite me, Direct Market!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Are Not Doing Enough

And by "you," I mean me. And probably you.

I think I'm doing all kinds of stuff. I just moved to a new state, started a new job, started a new blog, and am involved in several fairly ambitious creative projects. I exercise, eat well, and cook often. I play pool weekly and generally hit the town when the mood strikes. I'm an active guy, right...?

Then my friend Erik returns from an epic, months-long journey that included the Pacific Coast Trail, a 2600 mile hike that runs the length of the US western states. Holy shit does that trump a morning run to Starbucks.

I'm very much enjoying the surprisingly lush lands of Austin on my own regular walks, quite different from the casual outings amongst the Studio City burbs of LA. And back in Vegas I did a quite a bit of desert hiking that I recall fondly. But to take up the challenge of something like the Pacific Coast Trail seems like this magical, winsome journey only done by "other people" that don't really exist. But my friend does exist, and he did it-- the whole damn thing-- a feat that I find truly amazing and tremendously inspiring in so many ways. Seriously, it makes me want to do stuff.

If you've the time, head on over to Erik's journal of the journey, which he has just recently returned from and has been transferring his entries and photos online. It's well documented and charmingly written, and simply astounding when considering how much distance is being travelled on foot. All in a landscape so very far (and yet not so) from our own. Kudos, man.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jenna Fatigue: Illustrated

Man. I mean, man.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Comics Day

I haven't gotten this many new comics in ages!

Black Canary/Green Arrow
Brave and the Bold
Marvel Comics Presents
Mighty Avengers
Suburban Glamor

I'm totally digging the Immonen's Hellcat for MCP...

I don't read Brave and the Bold regulary, but I do think it's a good book. This is was hard to pass up with Perez on Wonder Woman and Power Girl. But what's up with the eight page ad insert for Peperidge Farm Goldfish?? That's the trade off these days, or so it would seem. Still it's better than what passes for advertising in a Marvel book.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Life Aquatic

This image is from Showcase #30, by the glorious Ramona Fradon circa 1961. God damn that's a clean line.

Head over to Cup Doodle for some more Aqua-antics!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yea... No thanks.

You can read from Ross himself over at CBR on the "redesign" for the "new" Cap, but man, I just don't see it. Of what supposedly culls from 40's serials combined with modern elements, to me just reeks of 90's-ish pastiche. While there seems to be a conscious effort to stay away from Ultimates Cap, at least Ultimates Cap has a high recognition factor (I happen to think all Hitch's designs on Ultimates characters are pretty damn awesome). With this Ross design, all I can think is "What the hell?" Ross' pics are all over the place, and they do lean towards the "Ross-ness" he parlays so well. Handed over to the apt talents of Steve Epting as shown here, the oddity is only magnified.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


It took me a while but I eventually started using Blogger/Google/Picasa to host my images for the 'ol blog. Out of curiosity I checked my account to see how many I've posted and got this collage. Looks pretty cool!

Monday, October 08, 2007



I've started a new sketch blog! And it ain't just me, I've gathered together a few of my videogame and comics buddies who's fantastic work and diverse styles will make the site a must visit!

As if I wasn't crazy enough with this here blog, starting a second has me a little antsy. But I always wanted a place that I was able to keep my sketchy impulses gathered. The inclusion of my comrades was an great way to share the fun and I'm very excited to see everyone's work.

My goal is weekly posts, not counting my buds, so be sure and stop by often!

Cup Doodle

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Two Comics Days

A few books from this week and last.

Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman Annual
FF-Power Pack
Iron Man: Hypervelocity TPB

The Wonder Woman Annual finishes up a story arc that began, er, well over a year ago. And its only part five or something. Tho I picked it up for the issue's majority of Dodson art, I got a little closure as a bonus. The "Who is Wonder Woman" looked to have wanted to set up WW's new status qo, but after the mishmash the monthly went through and the beleagured "Amazons Attack," who knows what the hell direction WW is headed. The Annual did, however, drop this little nugget: Circe's current curse on WW makes her human and vulnerably so as "Diana Prince," and as Diana she must transform into Wonder Woman to be all butch and shit. It doesn't matter. DC is just going to reboot after Countdown anyways.

Yes, I already purchased individual issues of Iron Man: Hypervelocity. But I had to buy the trade in support of Adam Warren.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

King of the Seven Seas

There is a new line of "vintage " superhero tees, that may or may not be by Junk Food. I can't seem to find the exact ones (I saw) online, but I gots mine at Target. Aquaman was a surprise boon to the line, the only other Aquaman shirt I have I had to make myself! They all were pretty cool, with both Marvel and DC characters, each having some semblance of style far beyond what the license whores usually deliver (especially Marvel).

The cold and bitter irony is that while Aquaman seems to have the kitsch factor to warrant usage on a clothing line, his titular comic has recently been cancelled. Again. That's because DC has had their heads up their asses in regards to Aquaman for longer than I care to recall. I do not favor Aquaman for the aforementioned kitsch value, he's one of my favorite heroes and totally fucking awesome. A compelling book featuring his adventures seems to me the biggest no-brainer in comics. Alas, the treatments of late have not been kind to Arthur Curry, but we can all dream of a day when he gets his due.