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Sketchy Sketchy Week

My blog has been all over the place lately... prolly because so have I. While I regroup and put some affairs in order, I give you day one of Sketchy Sketchy Week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blue Harvest

Jeeze, how long have I waited for a Star Wars cartoon, and when I finally get it, it's Family Guy.

It was funny, tho, I had a few out loud laughs and many smiles. There was a great line I heard on a radio advert that was cut from the broadcast: "I made a Darth Doodie. I've Sithed my pants." Only the first half aired... I also got a kick out of the endcap riff on Robot Chicken's beat-to-the-punch (joke for joke, RC edges out).

Outside of the jokes there were so many shots that were lifted from the movie in "toon" form that I really wished for that true Star Wars animated series. Back in the day we had Droids and (ahem) Ewoks, but it was only a few years ago we got Cartoon Network's awesome Clone Wars series. As cool as Clone Wars was, they were really a collection of vignettes. All of them together don't even make an hour's worth of viewing. Still, it's a hell of an hour.

However it would seem that things are running right along with the new Clone Wars. It's three-dee -- all the rage. Personally the visual style doesn't blow me away. And while Lucas seems really attached to the Clone War time frame, I think there are tons of fascinating focal points that haven't been explored. Ah well, at this point us old timers kind of take what we can get.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Comics Day

Empowered was delayed, but a couple nice picks, still.

Black Canary Wedding Special
World War Hulk

The Black Canary Wedding Special... drawn by Amanda Conner!!!! I am there, man. The cover by the way, is awesome. It injects instantaneous fun for the book, and inside looks much of the same. I don't know what the deal was with the other wedding issue Black Canary proper had, but I don't know why they didn't just use this. Everything has to be a "special" separate issue now.

Well, Green Lantern had a "special issue" this week, too, Parallax: The fall of Kyle Rayner. Uh, wha? Why? And the whole story takes place in Rayner's head? No thanks. GL has a good thing going at the moment, this is just a shameless plug in. With Black Canary, they at least get Judd Winik and Amanda Conner. For this Parallax thing, meh.

UPDATE: On the BC wedding, art = awesome. But the questionable chain of events it illustrates is off kilter in typical current DC methodology. Tho if you're up on the comics blogs and boards, I'm sure you've read all about that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The WildStorm Highway

Valerie hits the nail at Occassional Superheroine.

Heidi covers it and more at The Beat.

I've been saying this shit for years. Years! Hell, I was saying this while at WildStorm. I don't say it anymore tho, out of exhaustion.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh yeah, the Emmys

Dude, I totally forgot the Emmys were last nite until I saw them on TV. Which wouldn't be so bad if I also didn't forget to tell my date. I think she snagged one of those seat fillers, tho.

So Frog gets censored for saying "god-damned." Really? Still? That's practically part of my daily vocabulary. I find 'god damn' and its many derivatives to be particularly satisfying, as it supposes one is asking a god to literally damn the recipient. I don't even need to know when, where, or how, I'm just playing the odds. I also like the hyphenated past tense of 'god-damned' where one assumes the subject has already incurred divine wrath.

Now If she said "...would be no fucking wars in the first place," that would have been a bit more scrupulous. But seeing as The Sopranos was the big winner (and is no stranger to Emmys), I find the censorship pretty damned hypocritical. Cussin' ain't allowed for us network viewerfolk, but it's a big part of what snagged Best Dramatic Series, eh?

The Big Drive: TX

I gotta tell you something I was recently told by one of my new colleagues, "There is a whole lotta Texas."

Man there is a whole lotta Texas. The 10 just goes on and on and on and on. I don't recall exactly when or where, but I made one of those aforementioned detours into a national park area. Paid $3.10 for gas at the town's only station, and watched a bunch of bikers pull in and then right back out when they couldn't pay with a credit card.

Back on the drive and it just kept on going. It was a nice time of year at least, tho I did hit a few showers. There were meandering hills, roads carved through rock, and long expanses of flat grasslands. I also stopped at a what I thought was a fairly large town/small city for lunch but noticed no cell phone reception to speak of...

When I got off the 10 I thought I was almost home, but I misread my map and realized I had a good 100 miles to go!!! But the last highway leading into Austin, Route 290, was a beautiful scenic route to take. Rarely two lanes for miles at a time, it was a long and at times curvy road cut through acres and acres of orchards. It was on this stretch I wish I had a sports car, because I saw maybe one other car every 20 minutes. For a while it was so empty I thought I might be lost, but the signs kept pointing the way. A few times it even slowed to one of those one-stoplight towns then picked right back up again.

Around 8:00 I finally got into the Austin area, with my crazy drive successful I was able to spend my first night in my new home. In all the drive was 1430 miles and about 23 hours? I don't necessarily recommend that, had I not been on an impromptu schedule to beat my movers I would have taken more time and possibly a friend. But I did have some awesome Retroforce Go podcasts to pass the time and plenty of music. It was dull at times but not as bad as I had thought. I'm not a commuter or even a "driver," most all of my prior road trips tend to end in Las Vegas. Still I'm glad it was a one time thing. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'd like to take a real road trip with no schedules or required destinations, but I guess like most folks it best saved for a time when I have no particular place to be.

The Big Drive : AZ to NM

I went through most all of New Mexico at night, trying to reach Las Cruses or maybe even El Paso. I did stop at one rest stop that was a nice one with a park and well lit for night in the middle of the desert-- but it was completely empty and kind of spooky in a "I Am Legend" sort of way. I made a mental note to come back one day and make a short film with zombies or something. Then my fear of actual zombies got me in the car and back on the road.

The long-ass first day and night finally got me to call it a night in Las Cruses, but at least I made my halfway mark. The next morning I had a chance to check the place out in the daytime and stumbled onto this little gem:

How fucking awesome is that sign???!!!

From Las Crusas it was a short hop to the Texas border and through El Paso. Would I make it home that very night?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Big Drive: CA to AZ

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Relocating from LA to Austin was a sizable distance to travel, but not far enough to warrant having my car trucked out. So I decided to drive the 1400 miles, the longest I've ever driven at one stretch. I made sure the ol' Civic was up to snuff, packed it with essentials and hit the road.

At first I thought about taking Old Route 66, but it turns out you've got to prepare quite a bit and really pay attention because it's all broken up nowadays. Plus it went too far north than I needed to go. Turns out you can take Interstate 10 pretty much the whole damn way. It was a few hours to break California, and I was blowing through AZ before I knew it. But then I hit traffic in Phoenix and the "drive time" became apparent.

I thought I'd maybe make it to Tuscon and call it a day, but I had alot of ground to cover so kept going, after a roadside rest. The US freeways really are meant for travel, rest stops along the way are a welcome sight and just where you need them (there was probably some kind of data research put into that, maybe?) Yes, we've all seen Cars and I'm well aware of the demise of the American Roadside Town, tho they are usually a short detour off the main road off any given exit. Not like you can't follow a few signs if you want.

Ignoring all advice I read on long drives, I decided to keep driving to make my halfway point. I did stop off in Wilcox for a late dinner. Found me a roadside diner and the requisite Hot Turkey Sammich. Yumm! Anyways, a few more hours and it was into New Mexico.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Comics Days

Here's some books from the last couple of weeks.

Y the Last Man
Power Pack / FF
Superman 666
Green Lantern

My schedule has been a bit sporadic, tho I have meandered by the comics shop a couple times. The last visits were to Dragon's Lair, a large shop that deals in both comics and gaming. And they are open til midnight!!

Y the Last Man draws to a close in a few issues. This current issue-- while spotlighting 355's impressive rack on the cover-- ends rather badly for the character. It's a bummer, and while Vaughn has pulled some miraculous rabbits out of his hat during various character arcs, this one seems sort of... final. I don't know, I love the characters for sure and 355 is obviously a driving force in the book, but that's why good writers make the choices they do. Now I'm just wondering if the series end will have any sort of finality of its own or "pull a Sopranos."

Superman 666: Walt Simonson is awesome.

Green Lantern: Ivan Reis is awesome

Power Pack: Gurihiru... also awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shock! Awe! Texas?

Indeed I've uprooted from SoCal and relocated to Austin. The reason? Got one of those offers I couldn't refuse, and I do tend to go where the work is. Austin has a large software development community, and with pixel pushing being that which I tend to draw income from, it's not a bad place to be.

I'm hearing good things about Austin and starting to see them as I settle in. The most noticeable in the short time I've been here is cost of living. LA was a god damned financial rape zone, and the break in ducats is a welcome one. More to come as I spread out about town... I've got some dank pool halls to discover and need to take advantage of the much vaunted music scene.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Longhorns Abound

Super Edco: Bigger in Texas?

AUSTIN, Texas (AP)
-- Reports are flying in from the hipster Texan community of Austin that Super Edco has arrived. With local newshounds scrambling for confirmation, several sightings suggest the relocation may be permanent. The dashing galavant was suspected of leaving his Los Angeles home after numerous frustrations with Hollywoodland may have finally tipped their weighty toll.

Film auteur and Austin mainstay Robert Rodriguez was caught for comment, "This is fantastic news, if it's true. Hollywood's loss is our gain. Maybe now I can finally get him in one of my movies."