Wednesday, April 25, 2007


In an effort to retain sanity in these trying and troubled times, I made way to get myself a copy of the newest Ninty offering: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl DS!!!! I picked myself a Diamond copy, in that only I found blue was for boys and pink was for girls. I have not confirmed it yet, but apparently outside of the titular Legendary Pokémon, there are no cart-specific pokémon this time around?

My toughest choice now will be which starter pokémon to choose. I have never begun a pokémon adventure with a grass type, tho the evolved giant turtle forms of Turtwig make a strong case. Penguins are cute, and the final form of water-based Piplup is downright royal, but I'm not really getting a watery feel for this excursion. That leaves the monkey-based and firey Chimchar who I must admit evolves into one of the most fucking bad ass pokemon designs to date: Infernape. And, well, you can never go wrong with a monkey.

Puts me in for a hard run as classic pokémon strategy dictates starting with grass/water/fire translates into easy/medium/hard. Not a big deal, I've reached lofty heights in previous versions with my most beloved Charizard, grilled-chicken brethren Blaziken, and faithful Arcanine. I am an official Pokémon Master so it's almost a duty to choose a challenging path.

I Looooooove my DS, and even though I know at heart this new game will follow a stringently defined route of gameplay, I can't wait to see all the new DS-isms applied to it.

The Pokémon milieu is as close as you'll get to a perfect game. I've pondered many a thought of blogging on that very subject, and it always expresses into some monsterous dissertation that frightens me away from the keyboard. Indeed, as anyone who has fallen into the trap of conversing with me about pokémon et. al can tell you, I can expound on the subject in great length and greater detail. In an official capacity I have lectured pokémon schematics to audiences at large game developers and publishers whom --to my continued astoundment-- refuse to acknowledge and apply the underlying principles and instead resign themselves to sit googly-eyed before monthly sales charts.

New Comics Day

Four measly comics? Pshaw.

Amazons Attack
Wonder Woman

I've only a passing interest in the Amazons Attack storyline meandering through the DCU. But I have more than a passing interest in the art of Pete Woods.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Argument Here

Dare I ask my readers if they have heard the latest single from Avril Lavigne? "Girlfriend" is such a mind-searingly perfect production of pop sucrose I shiver at the thought of those responsible walking the same earth as I. In its ziggurat-crafted faux-punk delivery fronted by rokr grrl Lavigne, the song bears heady teeth dripping with meme-ready licks and please-god-don't-make-me clap-along beatz not heard since the days Mickey was so very, very fine.

The song itself speaks directly to its intended audience I'm sure, tho is not bereft of broader scope. On one side an earth-boring drill into the female mind that exposes the desire for forbidden fruit, simmering vindictiveness, and the dawn of realization that comes with the discovery of sexual manipulation. For the male listener, perhaps thoughts harken back to more naive times recalling constant hormone-fueled longing wherein the song's lyrics simply beg the question "Where was that girl?" If she exists at all, it's merely in the form of heavy eyeshadow and electric guitar.

User comments over on iTunes berate Lavigne for selling out with this latest single. WTF? What did she sell out from? "Sk8er Boi?" Come on folks, Lavigne gets a modicum of rock cred for co-writing her songs, but she's packaged better than Japanese chocolate.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Comics Day

Comics pretty much saved this day from being a crap writeoff.

Nightwing Annual
The Spirit
Mighty Avengers
Sock Monkey

RE: the Nightwing Annual. I'm a total sucker for Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon "I totally had a crush on you when we both dressed in leather" tales of years past. Even when much younger, I was always fascinated with the relationships that were formed on the sidelines of the superhero action. Whom Peter Parker was dating, a spark between one X-Men member and another, the aformentioned Grayson lad's long string of relationships (must've been a DC edict for him to date, considering how much time as a young man he spent with 'ol Bats). It's still a draw for me and in alot of areas woefully ignored, which I sort of understand and sort of don't. I've often compared my "need" for weekly comics to that of others addiction to soaps and evening dramas. Seeing as how the relative age of readers leans more towards older than younger, I'd think the relationship angle would be more prominent. But it's not like younger readers don't have an interest in such things, seeing how a book like Spider-Man Loves Maty Jane speaks soley to that purpose. Maybe I don't read (or care or know) about the other books it's going on in? Dunno.

RE: Mighty Avengers. It would appear that Ultron has evolved into a liquid-y and stark naked female form, under the willing pen of Frank Cho. Who could have seen that coming?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Comics Day

Get yer comics while the gettin' is good.

All Star Superman (!)
Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman
Spider-Man/Fantastic Four

Why is All Star Superman so good? Freed from a bloated continuity and editorial shenanigans, Morrison is able to churn storytelling butter from a mythos that is served better by being explored rather than sustained.

Green Lantern Corps is also sweet, sweet stuff. I have a fond fascination with the character of Lantern Natu, and Patrick Gleason's art is simply awesome for this book.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Newer Label Alert: Orbit Gum

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of new gum over the last couple of years? I especially like how many completely eschew the standard wrap packaging for intricately constructed envelopes. Wrigley's Orbit is one such gum, and began with a minimalist design that relied on the strength of its logo. Eventually the line expanded with new flavors that continued the look with bright colors. But in an extremely short turnaround (in shelf life time) Orbit has upped the ante by introducing analogous-colored gradation and flourish to liven things up across the line.

PS, the Orbit spokeswoman? It's Vanessa Branch.

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Label Alert: Kraft Mayo

Kraft Foods gets a little crafty with a brand-spanking-new treatment on a condement label that's traditionally slow to change. Note the ever-so-slight bevel implied of the Kraft logo and the feux-extrusion to the "Mayo" (which is actually an offset type layer coupled with a handy exclusion highlight on top). I see where's you're going Mayo, can a true 3D type treatment be far behind??

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Comics Day

I've torn myself away from Puzzle Quest long enough to buy me some comics.

Iron Man: Hypervelocity
Danger Girl: Body Shots

What a great week of books! Psyched as I am that a new Madman has arrived, it's all about getting my grubby hands on a copy of Adam Warren's Empowered. A precursory glance shows this book to be ten kinds of awesome. As a visual bonus, it's chock full of kinky superhero bondage and risque scenes cable usually refers to as "adult situations." But knowing Warren as a storyteller, there's a wonderful ability of his to play to that "fan service" while hitting us with some hard-core-albeit-gratuitous pop commentary, all the while hinting that he's in on the joke as well. Warren, you glorious bastard, you.