Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Comics Day

A few more books in the buy pile to make up for last week.

JLA Classified
JSA Classified
The Goon Noir
Michael Allred's Vault

JLA Classified is goooood... Dan Slot's "The 4th Parallel" storyline seeps with multi-dimension sci-fi without resorting to some silly Crisis. Mentioned previously in this here blog was the unexpected pairing of art team Dan Jurgens and Trevor Scott. It's a good combo and every page is packed to the brim, just like comics used to be all the time.

More Walt Simonson comes with the latest JSA Classified, tho I wonder why the story is in the Classified book. Seems to me it could have just started off Hawkman's return to his own title, currently named Hawkgirl for One Year Later shenanigans. Tho I've read elsewhere Hawkgirl has been cancelled. Does that mean the book or just the title?

It was pretty hard to resist the lush painting of Simone Bianchi on Wolverine, even if it meant suffering through a Jeph Loeb captionfest. Additionally there's an Ed McGuinness backup, which should have been great... but, well there are some problems with this issue I'll need to address separately.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

No one rants like John K.

You can never say John Kricfalusi doesn't speak his mind. His titanium-like resolve to fight artistic compromise every step of the way may ride dangerously close to costing more than gained, but it is one of the same reasons I respect him so.

Here's a post from this past week where he lays it out on "the executive," bane of all things creative and true. I read this and cringe, and yet, I know it all to be true. Saddening in a lot of ways, but also a spur to one's self to follow through on personal projects where you only need to answer to yourself.

Crackpot Executive Beliefs

John K is the man. Not only am I jealous of his art, but of his ability to blog... alot. The guy is a virtual spigot of art talk, cartoon history, and new work. Check him out regularly at All Kinds of Stuff.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Comics Day

Pfff, hardly.

Modern Masters: Kevin Maguire

Two measly floppies to walk out the door with. But I really do like Eternals.

The treat remains the latest volume of the continually excellent Modern Masters, spotlighting Kevin Maguire. I'm a huge admirer of Maguire's work and try my darndest to pick up whatever he shows up on. Back in my WildStorm days I got to work on Maguire's Gen13/Fantastic Four, one of the highlights of my time there.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Comics Day

Cold and rainy outside, warm and toasty inside.

Green Lantern
JLA Classified
Detective Chimp
The Spirit
Y the Last Man
New Universal

JLA Classified, to me, is the proper Justice League title to be reading. The relaunch of Justice League of America I have found to be bland, whiney, over-narrated, and decompressed (to make those nice little trades). This is such a shame because the interior art by Ed Benes and Sandra Hope is great stuff, it just seems like such a waste. Bad enough I have to be subjected to covers by Michael Turner, it's like DC is trying to make me not buy it.

So what does that say about my fondness for JLA Classified? I'm still of the opinion that all these stories (post the Giffen/Maguire and Morrison/McGuiness) were intended for the JLA book propoer but put in a holding pattern for Infinite Crisis. Those aformentioned launch stories were really "out there," which is what I assume and hoped was meant for the title. The folloups were very noticeably back to status quo, which in this case is not such a bad thing. The new arc that's just started is written by Dan Slott, whom I enjoy over on She-Hulk, let's see what he does here. Dan Jurgens is on art, and I've always been a sucker for Dan Jurgens. I love his way with Supes and and the big guys. ALTHO... it's not really Jurgens here, just the layouts. The finishes and what I'm sure is the bulk of the work is handled by Trevor Scott, an old WildStorm alum and top-notch inker. Scott is a great artist outside of inking, and his personal style is way on the other end of what Jurgens does, so it is an interesting mix that has come together. At first glance the pages have the solidarity and weight of Jurgens, but there is a modern-almost-whispy edge to the linework that requires further (and enjoyable) scrutiny.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dance, Monkey, dance!

This is from a web app called Pictaps, maybe you've seen it. I gave it a go, but struggled a bit with it. Amidst the throng of stick figures there are a few gems, with art that keeps it simple to take advantage of the presentation. Give it a try!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It works when it's done right

I spied this little graphic on Amazon when poking around for videogames. It's a clever inside joke, and presented clearly while promoting what it is supposed to. Kudos, Amazon!

Remember, advertisers: People notice, people care.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Comics Day

Joy! Joy! Joy!
JSA Classified(!)
Green lantern Corps
Iron Man: Hypervelocity (!!!)
Michael Allred Vault (!)

What am I more excited about? Walter Simonson doing Hawkman in JSA Classified? Adam Warren writing Iron Man? The third installment of Michael Allred's Vault? The latest issue of so-bad-but-not-bad-enough-so-it's-good Gen13???

Simonson is a given, tho I'm rightly curious to whatever happened to his latest Elric series. Where in the world did this Hawkman stint come from? You know, It doesn't really matter.

But I'm most psyched about Adam Warren writing Iron Man. It's no secret I consider Warren the premier science fiction auteur of my generation. Which is an odd description since "auteur" typically refers to filmmakers, but you get the idea. I consider Marvel as of late to be generally Bat-shit crazy insane, but if part of that allows a creator like Warren to get his hooks into a character that so rightly deserves him, have at it. This Civil War nonsense can delay however long it needs and sell however many it must (300K+ ?? Really??) if that revenue stream gets books like Warren's Livewires and Iron Man: Hypervelocity on the shelves.

Gen13... dear lord. For a book to be so clearly in its death throws by the fourth issue is really, really sad. Shame on you WildStorm, shame on you.

Everything's Going to be Allright.

It's about time.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Wicked hot custom window signage in North Hollywood. Look at that lettering!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Slot Card Design

Vegas is all about design for the masses. But the turnaround is so high the evolution of design repeats itself over and over. While print, banner, and poster design is everywhere you look, one area of interest to me has always been the casino floor.

I've watched slots go digital over the years. The majority still have the plexiglass card above the screen and the newest ones are dual screens with all digital art and animation. The styles vary widely, with traditional illustration, vector art, and the latest in digital painting. Some cater to very specific audiences, others try for the broadest appeal possible. Some look expensive, some look cheap, some are lush and realistic, some are cartoony and animated-- and I assure you it's all on purpose.

Check out my gallery of the latest in Slot Cards and judge for yourself.

Comment Challenge! Which is your fave?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Comics Year

Despite outside reports to the contrary, I am very much alive and buying comics.

Guy Gardner
JLA Classified
All Star Superman (!)
Power Pack/Spider-Man

Ah, the first comics of the new year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Beer!

New Years Eve in Las Vegas, far from the strip with good drinks, good friends, and good times.