Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Figure Prints = Nerdgasm

World of Warcraft Figure Prints.

Holy. Shit.

Wish your WoW character could sit on your shelf? Wish granted. A week or so ago when a friend told me about this-- as an included certificate with the insane WoW-themed laptop-- I didn't believe him. I know 3D printing exists and have even experienced seeing a custom model made from a project I was involved with, but never did I think it could be made available to such a degree... and in color.

Today the Figure Prints site went live and looks fully functional. Wonder what the reaction will be? The downer is that availability is based on a lottery for the no. of figures that can be produced in a given time frame, so I'm guessing the up to 90 day wait is going to test some desires. If only one percent of one percent of registered WoW players find themselves hardcore enough to shell out for one with the patience to match, that is still a serious amount of cash. In a way, something with the absolutely massive base as WoW is the only path for something this cool to be made available to anyone. Well, anyone with a hundred bucks.

Still the potential for this to branch out into other areas or games... man that is cool.

Dude, I totally got to get back into WoW and get me some epic loot to deck out my 'Lok. If I'm gonna shell out (and boy do I want to) I want my figure looking good!

Still don't know what the hell I'm talking about?
Check out the link below for a YouTube video explaining Figure Print. Note you don't have to buy the computer to get one, tho as the dude explains it does up you in the que.
Figure Print Examined

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