Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Ultimates 2 Hardcover

Curses, Marvel! I've been waiting for this collected hardcover for what seems like two years, mostly I wanted the companion volume to the first on my shelf. The oversized hardcovers Marvel puts out are really nice, but only when it's a book worthy of the package, I personally think the mass production of HC volumes leaves the quality indicator wavering a bit.

For Ultimates 2, we get the insanely wrought pages of Brian Hitch on some nice glossy stock, complete with the numbing 8 page gatefold. Millar's story has some high points, tho he does repeat himself whether he likes to admit it or not, honestly the superhuman attack on America is right out of his Authority arcs "The Circle" and "Shiftships" with some elements having more than a passing resemblance to the Sliding Albion. Having Hitch drawing only accentuates the matter. But whatever. There is still a ton of Kick Assery.

Where Marvel blows it is in the all-too-common complete and utter lack of design sensibilities cutting scathe-like through modern comics. What the fuck, people? You want to create these lasting, bookstore friendly editions of some of your "best" stories and you still can't set readable type? There's a considerable amount of text in the introduction and the creator commentaries, but it's set in white on blue, horribly large and ill-spaced, running right into the gutter of the spine. This shit pisses me off Marvel, get your production department to take a god damn introductory course on typesetting. I mean I expect this kind of thing from WildStorm and Top Cow, but enough already. Oh, and by the way, thanks for changing the dress on the outer spine so the two volumes I really want to display together don't match. Sad.

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