Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Comics Day

Found a couple indies to pick up since the Big Two were washouts, save for Frank Cho on the Avengers (always something to look forward to).

Mighty Avengers
Some New Kind of Slaughter

Archadia Studios Press' Some New Kind of Slaughter has the subtitle "-or- Lost in the Flood (and How We Found Home Again), Diluvian Myths from Around the World." First page: sea turtles. Sold.

NeoZoic is published by Red 5 Comics. I don't know much about them or their books, but they do look to put in some quality work. Neozoic has dinosaurs which is a plus, but the overall product is nicely put together. It's good to see that some people still care about comics. Not "woo hoo comics are cool" or "who can we license today" care, but "lets make something to be proud of" care.

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