Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Comics Day

Holey moley, when did I start buying all these comics again?

Green Arrow/Black Canary
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern (!)
Wonder Woman
Nexus: Origin
Modern Masters: Frank Cho (!)

There is alot of good stuff this week, but for me it's overshadowed by Green Lantern #25. Just flipping through this book I had to stop like five times for double takes. Mostly for the crazayy awesome art by Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver, but also at the first inclusion of the foreshadowed "Spectrum Corps." I'm suprised it took someone this long to try that, I hope they can deliver because it is a grand idea-- one I even had myself in my many daydreams of writing Green Lantern. While my daydreaming take had a more sci-fi bent, what little is described here seems based moreso on the core emotions of each color, with compliments and contrasts as one would expect. And at the end -ahem, SPOILER ALERT- we have the reveal of...

The Black Lanterns.

Okay. Okay. You got me, allright?

Ah but there's a catch... the story debuts in 2009???? Anywhoo, this is bound to be met with mixed reactions as the teaser makes clear that Black Lanterns are given to THE UNDEAD. With this one introductory concept, DC looks to cash in on the Marvel Zombies craze (years late, par for the course at DC) as well as allowance for the return of any character that has died in the DCU. And lately, there has been alot of those, hasn't there? So... discuss.

BTW: Let me officially put this out into the blogosphere: "Black Lantern Corpse." Think about it.

Modern Masters: Frank Cho is a lengthy interview in line with the MM series, with the usual scads of supplemental art. None of the art is exclusive I fear, I think all of is it available in various publications. But there are nice samples of inked pages and pencils, and it's always nice to have a collection of Cho's work.

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