Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of Edco '07

Drink and Draw
Star Wars Stamps
OMG blkspdy iso emo
Sinestro Corps!
Sad State of Affairs
The Fullboney
Autobots: Droll Out
Atomic batteries to power- Turbines to speed!
Los Angeles: Land of 1000 Broken Hearts
My Final Crisis
Oh yeah, the Emmys

Lotta fanboy movie posts this year, and looks like more to come. On the comics front the thoughts of "My Final Crisis" continue to play out with my on-again-off-again relationship with the funnybooks. But far the coolest extension of this here blog was my NEW sketchblog Cup Doodle!

What's up for aught eight? I'll keep chugging along, I've got a small surprise coming in a few weeks to expand on that. Still plenty of comics out there, lets see if they can win me over. And if they don't I'll be sure and let you know in the traditional Edco style.

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