Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of Edco '07

Drink and Draw
Star Wars Stamps
OMG blkspdy iso emo
Sinestro Corps!
Sad State of Affairs
The Fullboney
Autobots: Droll Out
Atomic batteries to power- Turbines to speed!
Los Angeles: Land of 1000 Broken Hearts
My Final Crisis
Oh yeah, the Emmys

Lotta fanboy movie posts this year, and looks like more to come. On the comics front the thoughts of "My Final Crisis" continue to play out with my on-again-off-again relationship with the funnybooks. But far the coolest extension of this here blog was my NEW sketchblog Cup Doodle!

What's up for aught eight? I'll keep chugging along, I've got a small surprise coming in a few weeks to expand on that. Still plenty of comics out there, lets see if they can win me over. And if they don't I'll be sure and let you know in the traditional Edco style.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Ultimates 2 Hardcover

Curses, Marvel! I've been waiting for this collected hardcover for what seems like two years, mostly I wanted the companion volume to the first on my shelf. The oversized hardcovers Marvel puts out are really nice, but only when it's a book worthy of the package, I personally think the mass production of HC volumes leaves the quality indicator wavering a bit.

For Ultimates 2, we get the insanely wrought pages of Brian Hitch on some nice glossy stock, complete with the numbing 8 page gatefold. Millar's story has some high points, tho he does repeat himself whether he likes to admit it or not, honestly the superhuman attack on America is right out of his Authority arcs "The Circle" and "Shiftships" with some elements having more than a passing resemblance to the Sliding Albion. Having Hitch drawing only accentuates the matter. But whatever. There is still a ton of Kick Assery.

Where Marvel blows it is in the all-too-common complete and utter lack of design sensibilities cutting scathe-like through modern comics. What the fuck, people? You want to create these lasting, bookstore friendly editions of some of your "best" stories and you still can't set readable type? There's a considerable amount of text in the introduction and the creator commentaries, but it's set in white on blue, horribly large and ill-spaced, running right into the gutter of the spine. This shit pisses me off Marvel, get your production department to take a god damn introductory course on typesetting. I mean I expect this kind of thing from WildStorm and Top Cow, but enough already. Oh, and by the way, thanks for changing the dress on the outer spine so the two volumes I really want to display together don't match. Sad.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Joker... Joker... Joker!

Yup, the town has Joker fever after the release of the new trailer for The Dark Knight. I'm trying not to get caught up in it, Batman Begins was a pleasant surprise and I'd like to retain that sense of unexpectedness for the sequel.

They are psyching me up tho with this poster, what with the trailer showing the grungy street-level Joker here we get a glimpse of that suave madness in the purple suit. I realize the movie may be in a completely different direction, but this here is a hell of a shot in any case.

The first teaser poster was freaking awesome, I love it. A friend of mine shares the opinion and writes up his thoughts over at his design blog.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Camel Signature Blends

I have this theory on the "design of evil," but I've never properly expounded on it. The jist of it is that the things that are inherently outside the community standard rely on extreme dedication to presentation. Guns, porn, Nazis, that sort of thing. When cigarettes first became vilified not that long ago, packaging design shifted from function to form. Over the years, moreso as time goes by, the smoke box receives artistic upgrades out of ingenuity, bravado, and market necessity.

The only thing cooler than the design for this new line of Camels was chilling out on my balcony and smoking one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Comics Day

Found a couple indies to pick up since the Big Two were washouts, save for Frank Cho on the Avengers (always something to look forward to).

Mighty Avengers
Some New Kind of Slaughter

Archadia Studios Press' Some New Kind of Slaughter has the subtitle "-or- Lost in the Flood (and How We Found Home Again), Diluvian Myths from Around the World." First page: sea turtles. Sold.

NeoZoic is published by Red 5 Comics. I don't know much about them or their books, but they do look to put in some quality work. Neozoic has dinosaurs which is a plus, but the overall product is nicely put together. It's good to see that some people still care about comics. Not "woo hoo comics are cool" or "who can we license today" care, but "lets make something to be proud of" care.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Comics Day

Holey moley, when did I start buying all these comics again?

Green Arrow/Black Canary
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern (!)
Wonder Woman
Nexus: Origin
Modern Masters: Frank Cho (!)

There is alot of good stuff this week, but for me it's overshadowed by Green Lantern #25. Just flipping through this book I had to stop like five times for double takes. Mostly for the crazayy awesome art by Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver, but also at the first inclusion of the foreshadowed "Spectrum Corps." I'm suprised it took someone this long to try that, I hope they can deliver because it is a grand idea-- one I even had myself in my many daydreams of writing Green Lantern. While my daydreaming take had a more sci-fi bent, what little is described here seems based moreso on the core emotions of each color, with compliments and contrasts as one would expect. And at the end -ahem, SPOILER ALERT- we have the reveal of...

The Black Lanterns.

Okay. Okay. You got me, allright?

Ah but there's a catch... the story debuts in 2009???? Anywhoo, this is bound to be met with mixed reactions as the teaser makes clear that Black Lanterns are given to THE UNDEAD. With this one introductory concept, DC looks to cash in on the Marvel Zombies craze (years late, par for the course at DC) as well as allowance for the return of any character that has died in the DCU. And lately, there has been alot of those, hasn't there? So... discuss.

BTW: Let me officially put this out into the blogosphere: "Black Lantern Corpse." Think about it.

Modern Masters: Frank Cho is a lengthy interview in line with the MM series, with the usual scads of supplemental art. None of the art is exclusive I fear, I think all of is it available in various publications. But there are nice samples of inked pages and pencils, and it's always nice to have a collection of Cho's work.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Figure Prints = Nerdgasm

World of Warcraft Figure Prints.

Holy. Shit.

Wish your WoW character could sit on your shelf? Wish granted. A week or so ago when a friend told me about this-- as an included certificate with the insane WoW-themed laptop-- I didn't believe him. I know 3D printing exists and have even experienced seeing a custom model made from a project I was involved with, but never did I think it could be made available to such a degree... and in color.

Today the Figure Prints site went live and looks fully functional. Wonder what the reaction will be? The downer is that availability is based on a lottery for the no. of figures that can be produced in a given time frame, so I'm guessing the up to 90 day wait is going to test some desires. If only one percent of one percent of registered WoW players find themselves hardcore enough to shell out for one with the patience to match, that is still a serious amount of cash. In a way, something with the absolutely massive base as WoW is the only path for something this cool to be made available to anyone. Well, anyone with a hundred bucks.

Still the potential for this to branch out into other areas or games... man that is cool.

Dude, I totally got to get back into WoW and get me some epic loot to deck out my 'Lok. If I'm gonna shell out (and boy do I want to) I want my figure looking good!

Still don't know what the hell I'm talking about?
Check out the link below for a YouTube video explaining Figure Print. Note you don't have to buy the computer to get one, tho as the dude explains it does up you in the que.
Figure Print Examined

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Speed Racer: Balls = Tripped

I dig Speed Racer. My left brain already knows what this movie will probably be, but my right brain dreams of that very special place just within reach. Part videogame, part live-action cartoon, part total fucking acid trip... I gotta say the Speed Racer trailer that recently dropped its load on the interwebs leaves me wanting more. I will have to check my brain at the door and see this post haste.

Do yourself a favor and download an HD Quicktime version to pace through frame-by-frame. Lots of little easter eggs* in that (always infuriating) rapid-fire editing 'da kidz likey so much. Unfortunately one can almost guarantee the whole movie is that way.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Comics Day

Hmm, more Image and a Marvel, no love for DC!

Ultimates 3
Suburban Glamour
Age of Bronze vol 3

Believe me when I say it is with dread that I purchased the newest incarnation of The Ultimates. I feel the prior Millar/Hitch versions are the definitive and simply cannot be matched in tone or visuals. I'm pretty sure I don't even have to read the new one, as Jeph Loeb-- founding member of the Destroyers of Comics Triad-- may as well have cut and pasted his trite and over-expository narrative style from any one of his other books. Culling Joe Mad out of quasi-retirement isn't exactly the counter-balance to this, as in his absence his-once Capcom-esque style as been aped to death and in some cases surpassed. Presented here in Ultimates format it is nice, if not... shiny. I fear as talented a colorist Christian Lichtner is (easily doing the lion's share of the work on this book), the pages appear over-rendered and heavily saturated with ink, and most fall into a dark, low-contrast mess. This may be a printing discrepancy, tho I have reason to believe it falls into the ever-growing category of digital artists who paint for a screen as opposed to ink. Compare the image here with the comic itself, if you are able. Any passionate printer worth his salt, or publisher who cared about the quality of their product, would reject the version that stacked the shelf by the dozens. Ink is the blood of print medium, and it must be revered as if flowing through one's own veins.

BONUS: Beaucoup Kevin's take on the matter is funny.

Age of Bronze I've recommended before, and will continue to do so. These collected versions are great gifts for those who would normally avoid comics and generally have no interest in such, but still read alot and would appriciate the craftmanship involved in both the art and writing. What author Eric Shanower presents is a graphically rich and sophisticated package supported by literary prowess and historical intrigue. The Age of Bronze books are most definitely highbrow and should never be ashamed of that fact, reading them counts towards the betterment of many many things, not the least of which is supporting such a monumental artistic endeavor.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Eternally well done

What's better than positively lovely custom script? Said script carved into stone.