Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Label Alert: Tropicana

Tropicana, I'm impressed! Gone is the "ribbon and dropshadow" that has been used to death by food branding in particular, altho it was rather appropriate for orange juice. But now we have a wonderfully clean and downright pragmatic approach to letting people know what sort of juice they are after. Look at that Futura typeface!!

Personally I like my juice super-pulpy which would be Tropicana's "Grovestand" offering, but I couldn't pass up this mid-pulp "Homestyle" version with the bright green callout-- color is used for each type of juice, with orange for no-pulp "Original," tan for high pulp "Grovestand", blue for "Calcium," and purple for "High Fiber." I just liked the green. I'm usually a regular Simply Orange drinker, I love the carafe container, lovely script logo and high-pulp content. But it just goes to show how design really does influence our buying decisions! (well, okay, my buying decisions)

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