Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Comics Delay

A hot week for Image. Huh-wha-- Image??

Green Arrow/Black Canary
Archibald Saves Christmas

Popgun vol. 1 is a weighty, pricey tome, but damned if a leaf through doesn't make it look worth every penny. The list of contributors is grand and inviting, and I must commend parties involved in funneling its release for the gift-giving season. Like Flight, this is one of those massive crossover reads, for people who don't follow comics but like pretty pictures and tasty, compact yarns. If you've friends or relatives you find worthy of the $30 tag, they will thank you for it, tho you can save a few bucks through Amazon.

Archibald Saves Christmas is neet. Without Brad Pitt, even. And if you get that reference you'll probably think it's neet, too.

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