Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Comics Day

OMG, nice week!

Scott Pilgrim (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
All Star Superman (!!!)
World War Hulk
Wonder Woman
World of Warcraft

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together. If you are not reading these books, you might want to get it together yourself.

All Star Superman? Yes, please.

World War Hulk concludes... will it be worth it? I did take a peek and noticed a clue to the identity of the forthcoming Red Hulk. And an interesting teaser on the last page, yea? I'm guessing that's the real conclusion, and the beginning of things to come.

Aw crap, why did I have to go and pick up Wonder Woman? Well maybe writer Gail Simone can bring up some niceties after the past couple years. But after watching her butcher Gen13 I'm not holding my breath. But the Dodsons are back on art so there's that.

I really, really, really did not want to buy World of Warcraft. No one needs to question my admiration of Walter Simonson, but in an early marketing promo he states he doesn't play the game. As some one who does play (or more accurately stated with current activities, has played. Alot.), like all WoW players I have a high interest in all related things. So to hear the writer, pedigree aside, is aware of the game but has not really lived it? I find this a laughable situation. COme on people, you know I'm right. You have to have lived WoW to get WoW. Add to this the ridiculously high production standards of property owner Blizzard, somehow the addition of Joe Mad derivative art over the typical low quality American comics production standards is not helping the case. Excuse me? What's that you say? It's published by WildStorm? Oh. That explains everything. I will give it the first issue once over, but my prediction is that it will suck.

Black Dossier shipped today as well, tho I ordered mine in advance online and haven't received it yet.

Hey, did you notice a correlation between how much I wrote about a book and my expectations of its quality?

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