Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Comics Day

Erg... why do I keep buying comics??

World War Hulk
Y the Last Man
Nexus: Greatest Hits

WWH continues its smashariffic bludgeoning of the Marvel hoity-toity. That's what I like about it. Whereas DC stews in its own self-critical juices, WWH takes all the ultra-serious Marvel goings-on and literally beats the shit out of them. It's just barely gratuitous-- Pak's story has the hook and Romita Jr brings it on page after page. Here with only one issue left I wonder what the finale zinger is going to be. We've got all the beat-em-up, comeuppance, and property damage... will the conclusion be as "explosive" as rumored way back when?

Supergirl I picked up to see the new creative team. I've all but given up on this character but there's always this "Wait! We're gonna try this..." approach to the book. Just what is it about Supergirl anyway? Is it because Superman is the ultimate power fantasy, so Supergirl is the one it's okay to sexualize? Not an entirely obscene notion, but no less so than your average psychological probings. That's just a facet of the male perspective, tho, Supergirl's care and tending is of great concern to her female readership. But the character never seems to fully embody the fem-savvy grrrl pwr that some wish it to. I don't know that a gender-neutral approach is even possible, so maybe DC should just pick a side and try and stick with something for more than three months. Too soon to tell with the new team... Gone, however, is the stunning Guedes art of the past three issues, here replaced by Drew Johnson. Johnson always had a decent style, but here he does look to have stepped up his game. Colors by Brad Anderson stand out, as the story features lots o' Green Lanterns, and Supergirl's colors really get some punch amongst the emerald hues. Whether or not writer Kelly Pucket has something to keep more than a passing interest in the character is up in the air. Thing is, there is little draw to this version of the character for me, and hasn't been since her introduction in Superman/Batman. I guess that born of Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner has a hell of an uphill climb. Coupled with DC's generally poor handling of the character since, Puckett has a tough sell.

I don't know where the latest issue of the new Nexus series is, but it will be worth the wait. While this "Greatest Hits" issue is just as it sounds, it's all solid stuff and I'm more than happy to support the Rude Dude in the meantime.

Y the Last Man: Pen-ultimate!!!!!! :-O

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