Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Official

I've lived in more cities than I may have imagined I would, and in some cases even wanted. But not once did I imagine I'd be a resident of the Lone Star State. That is, I imagined it, and decided against it. A few opportunities have come up in the past and my initial reaction was "no way."

Fuck it, I'm here now, and it ain't so bad. I am reassured by many new acquaintances that Austin is the reason for this, as if it is some sort of liberal haven in the center of a vast Texan ideal. I don't discount this but I think most city patrons will tell you as such of their own home. Except maybe Detroit.

Anywhoo... The rigamarole for attaining auto registration and like things has a few extra steps here, and all reek of bureaucratic, bullshit tax collecting. Sure they say part of it is to maintain the roads (which having driven across half the sate I concede are well maintained), but first I have to get my car "inspected," with fee. Then I have to get my car "registered," with fee PLUS an extra "first time resident" fee. Next up is the 'ol DMV for my license, presumably with fee. Because lord knows anyone licensed to drive in one state can't possibly expect for that license to be valid in another state. Driving is so very different across imaginary lines, after all. All of these steps must be in done in order at separate locations with separate fees!

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