Saturday, November 17, 2007

HEB Lables

One of the things that always takes getting used to in new towns is the local grocery chains. Where you buy food eventually embeds some need for familiarity, and of course the various layouts and general quality of product come into play. Outside of the excellent Austin HQ'd Whole Foods, choices for grocery include the predominant HEB and Safeway-owned Randall's Market.

HEB reportedly stands for "Here Everything's Better," and in the case of its self-branded labeling this may be the case. Art is slowly fading out of everyday life and must be sought with an open eye. To still find classic illustration on packaging always brings a smile to this curmudgeonly artist. Perhaps it's stock illustration in use by several nationwide chains, or in my dreams of a better scociety a savvy individual in HEB's branding dept. has commissioned original art to associate a certain level of warming quality to its mass-packaged foods. Either way I like to see it.

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