Saturday, November 03, 2007

Edco at Large, at LARGE!

Some of my frequent and cherished readers may recall the work I have done for DrewTech's DashDAQ. This past week, the DAQ made its official debut at SEMA 2007, the trade show for high tech auto performance stuff. A friend of mine attended and took some pics of the booth, where the DAQ was in full display, featuring my artwork at trade show banner sizes! This is probably the largest format anything of mine has been presented and I must say it gives me the giggles.

Check out the DAQ link for more pics of the device and some of the different themes and UI designs I created. Drew Technogies is a wonderful group of people whom I very much enjoy working with, and if the SEMA show buzz is anything to go by, the DAQ will be one hot commodity! The device won several show awards and I am thrilled to be a part of this technology's debut!

DashDAQ Custom Gauges

Drew Technologies

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