Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Comics Recap

Holiday delays + working in dog-like capacity = no new comics. But here's a few books I went through recently.

Wonder Woman #14
I was cautious of Simone taking over the book but it ain't half bad. I do enjoy the inclusion of super-smart gorillas, tho what it boils down to are the Diana Prince/Wonder Woman shenanigans, a male love interest, and Nazis plotting to take over the world. I wonder where that formula came from...? There is always that lucious Dodson art. I'll give it the three-issue trial run.

World of Warcraft #1
"WoW" indeed. How is it possible to fuck up a comic for one of the most popular and fascinating videogames of the day? Give it to WildStorm. It's not Warcraft, so if you're a fan, don't bother.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #1
It's an okay story if you're following the whole "Is Ollie dead" storyline (he isnt'). Judd Winick takes some cues from the Geoff Johns school of pathos. But the real draw here is art by Cliff Chiang. Man is it nice! It's got a bold but clean style, it looks simple but there is alot going on. His faces use the least amount of detail possible but come off with alot of "read." I see some Allred, some Cooke, don't know if it's influence or just similarity, but wherever it springs from I like it! Some smart mood colors by Trish Mulvihill make it all the nicer.

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