Monday, November 12, 2007

Candy Apple

Is it weird I like to hang out at the Apple Store? Austin has not one, but two locations to meander through. Recently I was oogling the 24" iMac and running through the basics of OS X 10.5, or "Leopard," I hear some people refer to... It's a groovy upgrade as those who wish to know probably already do, tho the box gives me a headache.

While I wasn't quite ready to throw down for that steel plated dream machine, I found myself picking up an iPod Shuffle. This thing is just too damn cool. I marvel at it. The iPod proper is a wonderful piece of technology, but the Shuffle in its latest clip incarnation is just one of those "the future is now" kind of things. At 80 walrus pelts, it is indeed "Apple priced" but not out of reach. With even the iPod Nano at noticeable $200, the convenience of the Shuffle outweighs the fear of its potential loss or damage. I love my iPod and its got some life yet, but it's showing its age (still with the b+w display!)-- tho I don't see the need for a few hundred dollars upgrade as cool as the new models are. The Shuffle is a nifty little in-betweener.

Oh and it's so very Apple. From the packaging to the device design, it's a slick little toy. And I love how iTunes shows up with the actual color I got, nice touch. I opted for Red since I felt it was the least obnoxious color. I'm actually not too keen on the new pastel themes, I preferred the primary colors of the last round. While I do try to maintain some level of social consciousness, in this particular instance the purchase of a Product (RED) contributor was based sheepishly on aesthetics.

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