Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Are Not Doing Enough

And by "you," I mean me. And probably you.

I think I'm doing all kinds of stuff. I just moved to a new state, started a new job, started a new blog, and am involved in several fairly ambitious creative projects. I exercise, eat well, and cook often. I play pool weekly and generally hit the town when the mood strikes. I'm an active guy, right...?

Then my friend Erik returns from an epic, months-long journey that included the Pacific Coast Trail, a 2600 mile hike that runs the length of the US western states. Holy shit does that trump a morning run to Starbucks.

I'm very much enjoying the surprisingly lush lands of Austin on my own regular walks, quite different from the casual outings amongst the Studio City burbs of LA. And back in Vegas I did a quite a bit of desert hiking that I recall fondly. But to take up the challenge of something like the Pacific Coast Trail seems like this magical, winsome journey only done by "other people" that don't really exist. But my friend does exist, and he did it-- the whole damn thing-- a feat that I find truly amazing and tremendously inspiring in so many ways. Seriously, it makes me want to do stuff.

If you've the time, head on over to Erik's journal of the journey, which he has just recently returned from and has been transferring his entries and photos online. It's well documented and charmingly written, and simply astounding when considering how much distance is being travelled on foot. All in a landscape so very far (and yet not so) from our own. Kudos, man.

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