Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Two Comics Days

A few books from this week and last.

Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman Annual
FF-Power Pack
Iron Man: Hypervelocity TPB

The Wonder Woman Annual finishes up a story arc that began, er, well over a year ago. And its only part five or something. Tho I picked it up for the issue's majority of Dodson art, I got a little closure as a bonus. The "Who is Wonder Woman" looked to have wanted to set up WW's new status qo, but after the mishmash the monthly went through and the beleagured "Amazons Attack," who knows what the hell direction WW is headed. The Annual did, however, drop this little nugget: Circe's current curse on WW makes her human and vulnerably so as "Diana Prince," and as Diana she must transform into Wonder Woman to be all butch and shit. It doesn't matter. DC is just going to reboot after Countdown anyways.

Yes, I already purchased individual issues of Iron Man: Hypervelocity. But I had to buy the trade in support of Adam Warren.

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