Monday, October 29, 2007

Sega's Iron Man

I've long believed Iron Man was one of the greatest videogames never released. I'm astounded no one ever took advantage of a property as naturally adaptable to the videogame platform as Iron Man. Dude-- Iron Man/X-O Man of War does not count.

Well it took a movie to make it happen, but that Iron Man game is finally coming and it looks pretty sweet. And yeah, I am totally psyched for the movie, too.

How will it play? Dunno. Games tied to a movie have a long history of sucktitude (the Spider-Man games are nice, but really, they're not great games). The story is just one area hampered tight off the bat, as well as art direction and lowest-common-denominator syndrome. Still there is hope... And I gotta say it's looking nice. It actually looks "next gen" compared to a lot of recent offerings. Altho I say that with a grain of salt, as someone with a shameful history of being paid good money to touch up screenshots of AAA games so they look "more next-genny."

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