Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Comics Day

Just a few books.

Infinite Halloween
Action Comics

Our Halloween Tale begins as I pick up a copy of Action Comics deftly drawn by Gary Frank. A grittier Frank than we've seen, enhanced by the inky quil of Jonathan Sibal... The Legion of Super Heroes appear in what is certainly a continuity bending yarn destined to change everything as we know it Everything looks to be peachy... But then, lurking behind the pageturn, typeset into the issue credits... written by... GEOFF JONES! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Supergirl is a straggler from who knows when, but I just had to have more of Guedes art.

The Infinite Halloween Special is actually a sweet deal. For art alone we get Trevor Harsine, Dustin Nguyen (on Zatanna, no less!), Peter Snejberg, Ryan Sook, and Tony Daniel. But wait, there's more! Surprise appearances (at least for me) of Kelly Jones and Jon Bogdanove!

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