Tuesday, October 02, 2007

King of the Seven Seas

There is a new line of "vintage " superhero tees, that may or may not be by Junk Food. I can't seem to find the exact ones (I saw) online, but I gots mine at Target. Aquaman was a surprise boon to the line, the only other Aquaman shirt I have I had to make myself! They all were pretty cool, with both Marvel and DC characters, each having some semblance of style far beyond what the license whores usually deliver (especially Marvel).

The cold and bitter irony is that while Aquaman seems to have the kitsch factor to warrant usage on a clothing line, his titular comic has recently been cancelled. Again. That's because DC has had their heads up their asses in regards to Aquaman for longer than I care to recall. I do not favor Aquaman for the aforementioned kitsch value, he's one of my favorite heroes and totally fucking awesome. A compelling book featuring his adventures seems to me the biggest no-brainer in comics. Alas, the treatments of late have not been kind to Arthur Curry, but we can all dream of a day when he gets his due.

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