Thursday, October 25, 2007

Green Comics Day

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

"Green Lantern is really hot right now." Whatever, dude. That's what the comics store proprietor told me when I asked if I could get a copy of Green Lantern #24, which I some how missed a couple weeks ago because it sold out before I got to the store. That never happened to me at my old store (House of Secrets), and not just because they'd have a decent stock, if they sold out of something I needed they would always "procure" one mysteriously for me. It pays to be a good customer... sadly I don't know if I buy enough any more to start a new store relationship.

So I had to go on the hunt, which I wouldn't even bother with if it was anything but GL-- let alone in the middle of a gripping storyline. After visiting and discovering that two separate stores had gone under and closed shop, I was left to ponder. There was the other major comics store downtown, tho they would be likely to have sold out as well, especially after a few weeks. But then...

Ah ha! A newsstand. Yup. A honking huge Newsstand/Porno Shop had a rack of Marvels and DC's, amidst rows and rows of InStyle and Maxim. And hardcore bondage DVDs. Sure enough it held copies of the latest GL and all of this month's mainstream faire. I share this secret stash option with you should we be on the receiving end of another Captain America #25 situation. Bite me, Direct Market!

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