Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Comics Days

Here's some books from the last couple of weeks.

Y the Last Man
Power Pack / FF
Superman 666
Green Lantern

My schedule has been a bit sporadic, tho I have meandered by the comics shop a couple times. The last visits were to Dragon's Lair, a large shop that deals in both comics and gaming. And they are open til midnight!!

Y the Last Man draws to a close in a few issues. This current issue-- while spotlighting 355's impressive rack on the cover-- ends rather badly for the character. It's a bummer, and while Vaughn has pulled some miraculous rabbits out of his hat during various character arcs, this one seems sort of... final. I don't know, I love the characters for sure and 355 is obviously a driving force in the book, but that's why good writers make the choices they do. Now I'm just wondering if the series end will have any sort of finality of its own or "pull a Sopranos."

Superman 666: Walt Simonson is awesome.

Green Lantern: Ivan Reis is awesome

Power Pack: Gurihiru... also awesome.

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