Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh yeah, the Emmys

Dude, I totally forgot the Emmys were last nite until I saw them on TV. Which wouldn't be so bad if I also didn't forget to tell my date. I think she snagged one of those seat fillers, tho.

So Frog gets censored for saying "god-damned." Really? Still? That's practically part of my daily vocabulary. I find 'god damn' and its many derivatives to be particularly satisfying, as it supposes one is asking a god to literally damn the recipient. I don't even need to know when, where, or how, I'm just playing the odds. I also like the hyphenated past tense of 'god-damned' where one assumes the subject has already incurred divine wrath.

Now If she said "...would be no fucking wars in the first place," that would have been a bit more scrupulous. But seeing as The Sopranos was the big winner (and is no stranger to Emmys), I find the censorship pretty damned hypocritical. Cussin' ain't allowed for us network viewerfolk, but it's a big part of what snagged Best Dramatic Series, eh?

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