Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blue Harvest

Jeeze, how long have I waited for a Star Wars cartoon, and when I finally get it, it's Family Guy.

It was funny, tho, I had a few out loud laughs and many smiles. There was a great line I heard on a radio advert that was cut from the broadcast: "I made a Darth Doodie. I've Sithed my pants." Only the first half aired... I also got a kick out of the endcap riff on Robot Chicken's beat-to-the-punch (joke for joke, RC edges out).

Outside of the jokes there were so many shots that were lifted from the movie in "toon" form that I really wished for that true Star Wars animated series. Back in the day we had Droids and (ahem) Ewoks, but it was only a few years ago we got Cartoon Network's awesome Clone Wars series. As cool as Clone Wars was, they were really a collection of vignettes. All of them together don't even make an hour's worth of viewing. Still, it's a hell of an hour.

However it would seem that things are running right along with the new Clone Wars. It's three-dee -- all the rage. Personally the visual style doesn't blow me away. And while Lucas seems really attached to the Clone War time frame, I think there are tons of fascinating focal points that haven't been explored. Ah well, at this point us old timers kind of take what we can get.

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