Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Big Drive: CA to AZ

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Relocating from LA to Austin was a sizable distance to travel, but not far enough to warrant having my car trucked out. So I decided to drive the 1400 miles, the longest I've ever driven at one stretch. I made sure the ol' Civic was up to snuff, packed it with essentials and hit the road.

At first I thought about taking Old Route 66, but it turns out you've got to prepare quite a bit and really pay attention because it's all broken up nowadays. Plus it went too far north than I needed to go. Turns out you can take Interstate 10 pretty much the whole damn way. It was a few hours to break California, and I was blowing through AZ before I knew it. But then I hit traffic in Phoenix and the "drive time" became apparent.

I thought I'd maybe make it to Tuscon and call it a day, but I had alot of ground to cover so kept going, after a roadside rest. The US freeways really are meant for travel, rest stops along the way are a welcome sight and just where you need them (there was probably some kind of data research put into that, maybe?) Yes, we've all seen Cars and I'm well aware of the demise of the American Roadside Town, tho they are usually a short detour off the main road off any given exit. Not like you can't follow a few signs if you want.

Ignoring all advice I read on long drives, I decided to keep driving to make my halfway point. I did stop off in Wilcox for a late dinner. Found me a roadside diner and the requisite Hot Turkey Sammich. Yumm! Anyways, a few more hours and it was into New Mexico.

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